We’re Moving! (Don’t Worry We’ll Still Be Right Here for You)

MRI load-in

MRI load-in

As you know, we are radiologists who specialize in women’s health and imaging. However, we do more than just that; we work as part of a team of doctors with a broad range of specialities within the medical imaging field. We blog here at www.mammographykc.com but we also work with our team to blog about general radiology at www.diagnosticimagingcenterskc.com.

Today we’re going to take a little (de)tour to talk about our offices because, frankly, we have exciting news AND we have a new location with spiffy new capacities.

Please pardon us while we toot our own horn today – but good news for us is good news for our patients. We love to be able to serve you better in every possible way!

So, here’s the rundown:

For many years, we have had six locations in the Kansas City metropolitan area: in the heart of Kansas City on the Plaza, North KC, Lee’s Summit, Independence, Overland Park and Olathe. Olathe! That’s the one we’re particularly excited about now!

You see, we’re moving in Olathe. Our Olathe clinic will now be located at 13795 South Mur-Len Road, Suite 100, Olathe, Kansas 66062. There, we will be open Monday-Friday from 8a-5p, just as we were at our prior Olathe location. But here’s where things get spiffy…

Along with the new building, comes new equipment – the latest and greatest imaging equipment to make our patients more comfortable, our imaging more excellent and our expert staff excited to work with latest technology. Ok, that last one was for us. But the rest is for YOU!

At the new full service Olathe location we will have updated ultrasound, fluoroscopy, DEXA (for bone density), and the most recent technologies for digital mammography, CT and MRI imaging. Want to hear about why these new machines are special?

Let’s take on the big one first (literally): MRIs get a bad rap sometimes. They can be loud, small, time consuming and not suitable for patients with certain prosthesis. Guess what our brand new GE Optima MR450w does? It is more spacious, quieter, faster and able to accommodate patients with certain special conditions. That would be the opposite of many MR experiences.

The new MRI unit, using MAVERIK technique, is specialized for people with hip, knee, shoulder replacements and more; it is able to “see around” the metal, unlike other MRI units. For us, that’s a big ol’ gold star. For those of you with comfort concerns, the new MR has a larger bore – meaning the table upon which a patient rests is now more spacious, reducing claustrophobic feelings, and it’s roomier for those who are physically larger. (GE got so excited, they made a video about it too, here.) Among the many body parts we can image, like joints, soft tissues and prostate, this machine is particularly comfortable for breast MR patients too (yippee!).

Our new CT scanner (something that Dr. Sher loves to talk about) is a 16-slice “BrightSpeed.” GE wrote all about it, here. And digital mammography machine? Also very awesome.

We’ll get back to breast health next week, but for now… we’re happy to share our excitement with you, dear readers! Thanks for caring along with us!

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