10 Excuses We’re Tired Of, Part 2

As promised yesterday, here are more “reasons” you can’t use for putting off your mammogram anymore (at least not by the time you’re done reading here)… 6. I have breast implants. They require extra views,  but mammograms are just as vital for a woman with implants. The risk to the implant is much, much lower than the […]

10 Excuses We’re Tired Of, Part 1

Okay, it is October and we eat pink yogurt, wear pink football cleats, adorn pink ties at the office and practically see pink in our sleep. Everyone is talking about pink. The Internet is covered in pink stories. So in 2013, especially if you are on social media and since you are reading this…. you […]

Until 8pm on Tuesday (10/29!)

  In a timely move (pardon the pun) we, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, will have all six of our clinics open until 8 pm tomorrow evening Tuesday October 29 as part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month observance. Awareness is the tip of the iceberg. Action is where it’s at.   As October draws to a close, and the […]

Mammography “IF” Fear #23: Does Cancer Mean Losing a Breast?

Many women face their annual screening mammogram with a world of fears based on the word “if.” What IF they find something? What will happen IF it’s cancer? What would happen to me then? Will I lose my breast? This condition of living in the “if” zone can be so worrisome that some women would […]